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India Black and the Gentleman Thief
Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy
Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Widow of Windsor
Carol K. Carr

Great read

India Black - Carol K. Carr

A very fast paced and entertaining read with a rather unique heroine in the form of India Black.  A no nonsense, practical and rather unsentimental madam who is unwillingly pulled into the spy game when important government papers go missing after a government official turns up his toes in her establishment.    

great read

Renegade - Antony John

An excellent final installment in the series. very action packed and exciting.

great read

Firebrand - Antony John

An excellent second installment in the series, very fast paced and exciting.

great read

Elemental - Antony John

I actually got this book out of my local library and liked it so much that I went and got my own copy.

excellent read

Are Dolphins Really Smart?: The Mammal Behind the Myth - Justin Gregg

This book will change how you look at animal intelligence including ours.

good but not great

Quake - Patrick Carman

the third installment fell sort of flat. The villains weren't really scary just violent and stupid and the heroes weren't much better. 

good read

Pulse - Patrick Carman

a good read with interesting characters and an action packed storyline.

great read

Tremor - Patrick Carman

action packed read with interesting characters and exciting story.


The Mirror Empire - Kameron Hurley

intriguing  start to a series I look forward to reading more.

good read

A Supremely Bad Idea: Three Mad Birders and Their Quest to See It All - Luke Dempsey

a both funny and informative read highly recommended for nature lovers.

loved it

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent - Marie Brennan

One of my favourite books off all times. Loved the realistic view of the natural history of dragons, you could almost imagine that someone had "discovered" a secret history of these creatures.

good read

Shameless - Anne Stuart

a good read but the main characters began to get on my nerves near the end of the book.

good read

Ruthless - Anne Stuart

The hero is a jerk but he can also be a charmer which makes for a fairly entertaining read. The heroine is also not necessarily a damsel in distress just world weary and resigned about her place in the world.

surprisingly good

Breathless - Anne Stuart

Definitely not your typical romance, the hero was rather less a hero and more a villain in fact he was an arrogant  evil asshole.   While the heroine did not come across as a door mat she was still way too accepting of his and others asshole like behaviour, if it were me I would have hit him with something way heavier and much sharper and much sooner.

entertaining read

Reckless - Anne Stuart

A good read for the most part, although the hero was a bit more of a charming jerk than was likable at times.

an okay read

In Love with a Wicked Man - Liz Carlyle

I was expecting a better story for Ned Quartermaine and this one did not deliver.