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India Black and the Gentleman Thief
Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy
Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Widow of Windsor
Carol K. Carr


The Earl's Mistress - Liz Carlyle

The story was a little too Fifty Shades of Grey for me to like it.

good read

A Bride by Moonlight - Liz Carlyle

While an entertaining read, the ending sort of fell flat. The mystery aspect of the story wasn't that interesting to hold my attention near the end.

great read

The Bride Wore Pearls - Liz Carlyle

a spicy romantic story with a clever and charming hero and heroine.

quite entertaining

The Bride Wore Scarlet - Liz Carlyle

A dashing hero paired with a kick ass heroine, what's not to like?

Great read

One Touch of Scandal - Liz Carlyle

A damsel in distress, a broody hero, entertaining secondary characters and a spicy romance. All the elements of a great romance story and this novel has them.

A good story

Tempted All Night - Liz Carlyle

An all round decent read, somewhat generic at times but still a very entertaining read.

A decent read

Never Romance a Rake - Liz Carlyle

A fairly typical romance read with a suitably villainous villain, an slightly tarnished hero  a sparky heroine and a cute dog to boot. On the whole a fun read.

A fun read

Never Deceive a Duke - Liz Carlyle

A very entertaining read, although to be honest my favorite characters weren't the main romantic couple of Gareth and Antonia but  instead were the odd couple of George Kemble and Baron Rothewell.  They had the best scenes and the best dialogue.   

a decent read

Never Lie to a Lady - Liz Carlyle

A fairly entertaining read with a broody alpha male character circling a rather modern minded female who gives him a run for his money.

Absolutely loved it!

The Adamantine Palace - Stephen Deas

Filled with intrigue, poison, byzantine political plots worthy of Westeros and seriously bad ass dragons that would put the beat down on the Dragon riders of Pern if given the opportunity. 


Moth and Spark - Anne  Leonard

An excellent debut novel, from an author to watch.  I actually requested this book out of my local library but enjoyed it so much I will be buying my own copy when I get the chance.

fantastic read

The Inventor's Secret - Andrea Cremer

An action packed steam punk adventure that rolls along at a furious clip.  The only time the story trips is with the introduction of the oh so familiar mellowdramatic romance which got a bit wearying near the end but fortunately it isn't enough to hamper the overall adventure.

not great

Landry Park - Bethany Hagen

The book actually started out fairly decently, a sort of futuristic Downtown Abbey, but about halfway through the characters were beginning to grate on me and the story was beginning to lose focus. The characters lacked the necessary "on page" chemistry to carry the story. 

good read

Atlantis Rising - T.A. Barron

An action packed fantastical read.

an okay read

Avalon - Mindee Arnett

Unlike the TV show Firefly the characters in this book did not have much in the way of "on page" chemistry. While the story itself was fairly action packed the characters were for the most part flat and one dimensional and none of them stood out, not even the main character Jeth. 

fun read

STARGATE SG-1: Two Roads - Geonn Cannon

A very entertaining installment in the SG1 series, the only bad thing is that now I have to wait for the next book in the series to be published. Two Roads was an apt title as the story details two seperate adventures led by Vala and Sg1 in the months just after the fall of the System Lords and Replicators and before the whole Ori mess.  It was quite amusing how Vala and Sg1 kept just missing each other in the high jinks.